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Today's hiring landscape is difficult to navigate.  Remote applicants aren't always available for interviews when you are, due to their work or family commitments. Plus it can be really hard to coordinate with schedules for members of your hiring team.  You may be able to give the employment tests remotely, but it's hard to interview remotely, until now.

virtual video interviews for job applicantsOur virtual video interview platform solves that problem.  Using our test platform and their webcam, applicants record video (or audio) answers to common interview questions, based on the job type.  Your recruiters can then see (and share) the recorded answers with the hiring team. This "non-live" interview session lets your applicants finish it any time, day-night-weekend, with the recorded responses immediately sent to the hiring team.

Benefits of virtual video interviews

Flexibility of interview schedule

Traditional "live" interviews can be a hassle to schedule.  You have to work with the job applicant's schedule and they are trying to juggle between their own current job, their family and other commitments.  You also have to schedule around the availability of your hiring team members, who are also juggling their meetings and other work and family activities.  Just the "process" of scheduling can be cumbersome, because so many people are working remotely.

Easy-to-use interview platform

Virtual on-demand video interviews can be quickly and easily set up through our simple online dashboard.  It works from the same dashboard as our other SkillCheck tests and interview "sessions" are emailed to applicants just like other pre-employment test sessions.  The applicant receives an email link and launches the interview session when they want to begin.  Interview recordings are emailed back to the recruiting team and are also saved in the administrator dashboard.

There are different versions of each interview session (see below topics), each with their own pre-configured interview questions based on the job:

  • Customer Service
  • Entry Level
  • Sales
  • Healthcare
  • Management
  • Professional

You can even use this for positions that you aren't using tests for.  Let's say you don't typically use pre-employment tests for Sales Professional roles.  You can still use our on-demand interviews in this case, without the tests.  It's a simple way to streamline your hiring process.

Cost of the video interview tool

While our normal SkillCheck tests are often used on a "per-test" pricing plan, our interview tool priced with an annual license, with the price based on the estimated number of applicants per year.  Ask us and we'll provide pricing based on your interview volume.

To see how it works, please contact us using the form on the right and we'll provide a sample interview session to try.

Virtual Video Interviews

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