Pre-Employment Tests for Job Applicants

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It's important for all of your employees to have the right skill set and team-based, care-oriented personality.  Every applicant sounds perfect during the interview phase, but how will they actually perform in the role?  EmployTest can help.  Our pre-hire assessments provide you with the right information to make an informed hiring decision.

Why should you test job applicants?

  • Helps you avoid the painfully high cost of a hiring mistake.
  • Identifies applicants with the behavioral traits your positions require.
  • Reduces time needed for hiring (and onboarding) from weeks to days.
  • Increases current employee satisfaction because they will be working with more efficient/skilled coworkers.
  • Increases patient satisfaction because the employees have the qualities you desire.

We have hundreds of pre-employment tests for a wide variety of jobs that will help you identify the best applicants.  The topics include the following tests (and many more):

  • Elite Care Profile (Kindness, Work Ethic, Team Work, Detail Orientation and more)
  • Basic "Employability" Skills (Detail Orientation, Basic Math, Grammar/Spelling)
  • Basic Computer Literacy
  • Management Skills & Supervisory Skills
  • "Good Employee" Traits (Reliability, Flexibility, Trustworthiness and more)

How does this work?  It's simple to use our online test system--both for you and your applicants. These tests can be completed either in your office or from your applicant's home/office at any time--day, night or weekends.   You would purchase test credits and then each completed test uses one credit.  You receive the test scores via email instantly when the applicant completes each test.

Prices start around $20 per test for low volumes with FREE account set up.  Just call 1.800.836.1901, Ext. 1, or complete the form above and we’ll send a free sample test. Your account can be set up now so you start testing today. 

Ready to get started now?  Just click below to visit our pricing/order page for details or call us 1.800.836.1901 x1 to schedule a 20 minute phone call to learn more about your hiring challenges and how we can help!


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