84% of job applicants aren't 100% truthful on their resume. 

It's a frustrating situation when new hires don't have the basic skills or traits needed for success. Applicants may be misrepresenting or maybe they think they can do it. Either way, it reduces confidence in the hiring process.

Do interviews and references give accurate results?

Each tool has its place in the hiring process, but how can you be certain that your applicants can do the job? Interviews are notoriously unreliable and references can be misleading. Background checks won't prove that they have the necessary job skills. What can you do to increase the odds of success?

Top companies use employment skills tests to select the best job candidates. They recognize that the cost of a bad hire far exceeds the investment in pre-employment tests. Your company is competing against those top companies to identify and hire the best talent. How will you know for sure?

EmployTest can help.

Our unique system tests behavioral, aptitude and skills, on a per-test pricing plan. You need flexibility to manage evolving hiring plans, not an expensive annual contract. Our flexibility gives access to tests that Fortune 500 companies have, but without the budget-busting contractual commitment.

100+ tests for different jobs

We have hundreds of pre-hire job tests, thoroughly researched for each job position, that can be used to learn more about your applicants.

Aptitude, behavior, skills and knowledge tests (Test List) are all available with our flexible pricing. How It Works and Pricing shows how to get started.

Here's a sample Cognitive question below.  Describe what your need in the form (top right) and we'll send a relevant test for you to review.

Sample Cognitive Question

Ready to get started?  See our pricing options and or get in touch with your questions. Start making smarter hiring decisions, today!

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"It is amazing when you interview someone who seems perfect only to discover their basic skills are low. I find these tests very helpful.”

Andrea Kryszak
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