Do interviews and reference checks always provide accurate results?

Each of those tools has its place in the hiring process, but how can you be 100% certain that your applicants will be able to successfully do the job?  Interviews are notoriously unreliable and references can be misleading.  Background checks won't prove that they have the necessary job skills.  What can you do to increase the odds of success?

Our pre-employment tests can help.

Top companies consistently use employment skills tests to select the best job candidates. These elite firms recognize that the cost of a bad hire will far exceed the investment in pre-employment job tests. Why not use those same testing tools to ensure your applicants have what it takes? If not, you hire applicants that were rejected by other organizations.

Hundreds of tests for job positions (we'll help you choose)

We have hundreds of pre-hire job tests, thoroughly researched for each job position, that can be used to learn more about your applicants. Aptitude, behavior, skills and knowledge--see the Test List--plus our How It Works and Pricing pages will show how to get started.  Here's a sample question below from our Workplace Success Profile, which is commonly used in a wide range of positions.

Workplace Success Question

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You'll want to try a sample test to ensure the questions are relevant to your positions (if not relevant, tell us, because we have hundreds of tests to choose from). Please use the form on this page to request a test sample or just call us to talk about which tests may be appropriate for your job positions. We look forward to helping you make smarter hiring decisions!

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"It is amazing when you interview someone who seems perfect only to discover their basic skills are low. I find these tests very helpful.”

Andrea Kryszak