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EmployTest offers more than 20 accounting, finance and banking related tests. Customers also often use our Microsoft Excel tests and Data Entry tests. We even offer a Professional Success Profile, which measures desired behavioral traits relevant to jobs, such as accounting.

HR staff and even hiring managers may not be familiar with every skill set for every position. How can they evaluate each applicant's ability, without fully knowing if he/she has the job-specific knowledge? Our Accounting tests will show what they know and, more importantly, what they don’t know.  Just complete the form on the right to take a sample test yourself (please indicate which test you want to sample) and/or watch a quick 1 minute video:


Estimated administration time per test:  Varies, but often 25-35 minutes

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Our Accounting Series includes the following tests:

  • Accountant Knowledge (TOPICS-left)
  • Accounts Payable (TOPICS)
  • Accounts Receivable (TOPICS)
  • Advanced Accounting (TOPICS)
  • Bookkeeper (TOPICS-right)
  • Business Documents (TOPICS)
  • Cost Accounting (TOPICS)
  • Credits and Debits (TOPICS)
  • Financial Statements (TOPICS)
  • Math Skills (TOPICS)
  • Payroll (TOPICS)
  • Taxes (TOPICS)
  • Terminology (TOPICS)
  • QuickBooks 2019 (view Sample Report)
  • Data Entry – Checks, Decimals
  • Bank Teller – Money Handling
  • Consumer Finance
  • Credit & Collections
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Knowledge
  • Insurance
  • Health Insurance

How Will I Know Which Tests To Administer?

Our team can provide guidance, based on your description of the job, the test topic lists and your review of any actual test (if desired).

Tell Me More About The Questions.

Questions are multiple choice and short answer format, requiring test takers to answer knowledge questions as well as calculate mathematical answers to common accounting problems. Each test has approximately 30-40 questions. These tests have been created by subject matter experts who identified the most important topics and tasks in the accounting and finance fields. Questions include real-world examples and illustrations to accurately measure a candidate’s abilities.

How Will The Score Reports Be Displayed?

Score Reports are emailed immediately to the Test Administrator (not the job applicant). The Score Reports will be in-depth, providing scores and detailed descriptions of a candidate’s knowledge. Overall scores (by percentage) will be followed by scores for each topic.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pricing is generally on a “per test” basis and larger quantities are eligible for volume discounts. Here's the link to the pricing.

I’d like to see a sample and/or have more questions. What do I do?

Just complete the form and we'll send a sample (please list desired test in the form). For immediate answers, call our friendly team at 1.800.836.1901.

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