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Our Medical office employment test pack determines knowledge and skills in basic competency areas as Transcription and Medical Spelling but also critical specific areas such as HIPAA compliance and Coding. Let our Medical office pack give you accurate information on what they know and don’t know. Just complete the form to receive a free test sample.

Nursing Skills Categories

Dosage Calculation

Medication Scenarios




Nursing Knowledge Categories

Critical Care

Labor & Delivery

Emergency Room


Medical Surgery



Other Medical Knowledge Tests

Medical Secretary

Medical – Abbreviations

Medical – Dental

Medical – Gastrointestinal

Medical – Musculoskeletal

Medical – Oncological

Medical – Otolaryngology

Medical – Pharmacological

Medical – Psychiatric

Medical – Urogenital

Medical Billing – Standard

Medical Coding – Standard

Audio Transcription – Medical

Spelling – Medical

HIPAA Compliance

Medical Insurance

Medical – Cardiovascular

Medical – Endocrine

Medical – Integumentary

Medical – Neurological

Medical – Ophthalmological

Medical – Pediatric

Medical – Prefixes/Suffixes

Medical – Respiratory

Medical Billing – Entry Level

Medical Billing – Forms

Typing Test – Medical

Shorthand (Audio) – Medical

Vocabulary – Medical

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