Who really uses typing tests for hiring? The short answer is…a lot of you. Turns out that the ability to effectively compose emails and reports is still not a given. Sure, today’s workforce knows how to text, but actually typing on a computer can be harder to master, and it’s certainly a skill you need to test before bringing someone onto your team. 

So, should you be giving a typing test? Maybe so…Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons you should make these tests part of your hiring process.

Why Typing Tests For Hiring Are Still Relevant

There are a few key reasons why you should use a typing test when interviewing job applicants. 

1) A typing test can help you assess an applicant's attention to detail.

Typos can be indicative of carelessness or lack of attention to detail — two qualities that are undesirable in any workplace.

During the interview process, a typing test can give insight into an individual's level of attention to detail. A tendency for careless errors can easily be hidden while talking, but during a typing assessment, those errors are brought to everyone’s attention.

Taking the time to assess this attention to detail can prevent hiring someone who may be more likely to cause expensive errors or mistakes. This is especially important when hiring admin support or accounting team members. However, ensuring attention to detail should be part of your interview process no matter which positions you’re looking to fill.

Typing Tests on a computer keyboard

2) Testing typing speed can give you an indication of how quickly the applicant can work and how comfortable they are using a computer.

Testing the typing speed of job applicants can be an important indicator of productivity and success in a work environment. 

An applicant's typing speed indicates how quickly they are able to complete tasks. Not only does this show how well an applicant might perform their duties, but it also gives insight into how comfortable they may be with using a computer to do their work. 

Typing speed can affect teamwork dynamics as well. Bottlenecks can happen if one employee is significantly slower than the others. So a typing test can give you a better idea of how well the candidate would fit within your existing workforce and if they would be able to keep up with the pace of work.

3) A typing test can help you gauge a job applicant's proficiency in using a keyboard.

This one is obvious, but many employers need workers to be proficient in keyboard shortcuts and touch-typing. For those companies, a typing test can help gauge an applicant’s skill level in this area.

Some roles such as transcriptionists, data entry positions, and customer service representatives all require speed and accuracy. Therefore, it makes sense to assess an applicant’s suitability for these positions through a typing test. 

4) It can be helpful to see how well an applicant performs under pressure.

Adding a typing test into your job interview process can help give you insight into an applicant's stress management and time management skills. 

Making prospective employees type under timed conditions and to a certain accuracy level shows how well they could handle basic admin job stress. The typing test results can also show you how quickly applicants work when deadlines or customer demands are pressing, giving you added perspective during the hiring decision process.

5) It is an objective way to evaluate candidates, regardless of resume, education or work experience.

Using skills-based typing tests is a great way to objectively evaluate candidates for positions. There is no room for personal bias, as the results are data-driven and give an accurate representation of each candidate’s skillset.

A typing test can be a great way to identify the best candidate for a job, even if they have fewer qualifications listed on their resume. 

Quality results and fewer mistakes mean fewer retakes and missed deadlines in actual work scenarios. For example, if a candidate excels during the test, they may be more likely to stay ahead of workloads during their employment.

Woman taking typing test

A typing test for hiring is an easy and versatile tool for hiring managers looking to find the best possible candidate. By assessing an applicant’s proficiency in using a keyboard and a computer, their attention to detail, and their speed, you can quickly weed out unqualified candidates and get closer to finding the right person for the job. 

While some argue that typing tests are outdated, they can still help assess an applicant’s ability to perform under pressure and give you more insight into how they will perform. To learn more about how hiring tests, such as typing tests, can improve your hiring process, contact us or request a free sample typing test.

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