Hiring Tips

Hiring the right applicant for a customer service role

The importance of hiring the right individual for a customer service role
Employment Tips

How a toxic workplace affects a business's bottom line

New report by SHRM shows how a toxic workplace affects a business's bottom line
Hiring Tips

How HR can improve diversity efforts in the workplace

Most diversity and inclusion initiatives fail - here's why and what your HR department can do to see success. 
Hiring Tips, Employment Tips

Which common hiring method is best for your business?

The best hiring practices for you business can depend on the kind of role you want to be filled.

Signs your employee will work remotely successfully

The option to work from home is desired by most employees, but employers should know what qualities to look for to make sure an employee can...
Hiring Tips, Administrative Skills Tests

Skills you should look for when hiring a legal secretary

Attorneys know a good legal secretary can make their workday easier, workflow seamless and productivity high. A bad legal secretary can not only...

Hiring Tips, Employment Tips

Useful tips if interviewing for a new receptionist

Recruiting a talented receptionist starts with assessing the exact skills and qualities you're looking for.
Employment Tips

How HR technology is improving employee engagement

When it comes to building a productive and sustainable workforce, employee engagement can be a key indicator of the success or failure of HR...

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