Employment Tips

Ways for companies to encourage healthier eating habits among workers

Encourage healthy eating habits in the workplace by offering healthy snacks, encouraging exercise, spreading awareness and planning healthy...
Employment Tips

Tips for keeping workers focused during the holiday season

Show workers you care, and allow more flexibility during the holiday months. Doing so could help them stay focused, happy and productive.
Hiring Tips

How managers can address trends in job-hunting preferences

Job seekers are expecting more from potential employers throughout the candidate process. Update your strategies with these tips.
Hiring Tips, Employment Tips

Strategies for turning a bad hire into a better employee

If a new hire is not performing up to standards, try these strategies to turn things around. Open up communication and investigate potential team...
Employment Tips

Educating workers on the benefits of taking time off during the holidays

Encourage workers to take time off over the holidays. Vacation can improve views on work-life balance and allow for greater productivity. 
Employment Tips

What social media best practices employees need to know

With social media running rampant these days, it's no wonder managers are cracking down on employees' usage. Organizations have had to set new...
Employment Tips

Workers must be aware of technology distractions

Encourage distraction-free work environments by spreading awareness, setting expectations, creating quiet workspaces and minimizing notifications.
Employment Tips

Common traits in millennial employees

Millennials make up a growing portion of the workforce these days. Remember that they are always seeking the best work situation possible.
Employment Tips

The importance of talking about mental health in the workplace

Mental health is a becoming a more widely discussed issue in the workplace. Issues can arise if it's not addressed and properly understood.

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