pre-employment testing, microsoft office tests

How Using Pre-Employment Microsoft Office Testing Will Help You Reduce Mis-Hires

Organizations can no longer afford to hire the wrong people in today's competitive economy. Each year, businesses lose billions of dollars in lost...

pre-employment testing, microsoft office tests

How a Microsoft Office Test Can Help You Choose a Clerical Worker

Clerical and administrative workers rely on Microsoft Office for their day-to-day tasks. That’s true for typical workday tasks on all levels and...

pre-employment testing, microsoft office tests

Is There Still a Need for a Microsoft Office Skills Test?

Microsoft Office is one of the most commonly used software tools today. It’s an essential part of almost any clerical and administrative work and is...

pre-employment testing, Cognitive Ability Test

How to Make a Cognitive Ability Test a Part of Your Hiring Process

The average turnover rate across all industries is approximately 18 percent. That’s a significant number of hiring mistakes and is tremendously...

pre-employment testing, Cognitive Ability Test

Which Cognitive Ability Test to Use and Why?

Testing for cognitive ability should be an integral step of your recruitment process. It’s a method for your HR team to identify the best applicants...

cognitive testing, Cognitive Assessment

How to Use a Cognitive Assessment Test to Spot the Best Applicants

Cognitive assessment tests are not a novelty hiring process tool by any means. Companies dedicate a significant amount of resources to hiring the...

excel test, pre-employment testing

Excel Proficiency Test for Job Candidates: Deciding on Difficulty

In our last blog, we touched upon the issue of digital literacy in job applicants, and the importance of incorporating an Excel proficiency test into...

excel test, pre-employment testing

Bridging the Digital Gap: The Importance of Excel Assessment Test During Hiring

A 2017 study conducted by Capital One and Burning Glass Technologies showed that digital skills, among them Excel proficiency, are necessary to 82%...

excel test, pre-employment testing

Why Conducting Excel Tests for Candidates Should Be Standard Procedure

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used tools in business and administration. However, it’s often forgotten how versatile and complex it can...

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