cognitive testing

Recruiter’s Toolbox Essentials: Cognitive Aptitude Test

Finding the best employee for the job is critically important to the success of any project or even the entire business. With this in mind, it’s...
attention to detail test

What is Attention to Detail and how can we test applicants for it?

Nothing says ‘we’re unprofessional’ more than lack of attention to detail. Missing these details can result in anything from a mild embarrassment...

Hiring Tips

Hiring Again? Check out these 3 Resume Trends

What to look for – and watch out for – on resumes and applications the coming year.

microsoft office tests, computer skills test

A Wrong Assumption: All Job Seekers are Computer Proficient

Gen Z was raised on tech; Gen X and millennials are digital natives, naturally they know their way around a laptop, right? But data reveals nearly...

Diversity & Inclusion Helped by Pre-Employment Testing

You’ve likely heard the famous Harvard/Princeton study that examined what happened when symphonies around the world began holding ‘blind...

Improving Hiring Process, for Recruiters and Candidates

As business and recruiters meet the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, some change is netting positive results. In an effort to...

pre-employment test

US Government to hire for skills level, not education level

Last month the President issued an Executive Order  "requiring Federal agencies to focus hiring on the skills job seekers possess, rather than...

pre-employment testing, Work from Home

Reduce Cheating Risk for Remote Testing

Customers often ask us "How can we be sure that the job applicant is not cheating?"  It's a valid question and one that isn't always easily...

pre-employment testing, Work from Home

Top Qualities of a Successful Remote Worker

I've often worked from home during my career and over the years I've had friends ask "How do you do it?"  I'll typically explain that there's a...

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