Users are now able to download Microsoft Office applications for the Android tablet.

Microsoft Office tests can be seen as an important part of checking employee suitability because this software suite is poised to become more available. Recently, the company announced that some of the popular applications from its line of office software, particularly Excel, PowerPoint and Word, will now be downloadable for a free one-month trial period on Android tablets, as teased by a preview released late last year.

CNET reported that the applications currently only apply to full Android tablets, as opposed to mid-size "phablets," and aren't yet operational in the new Lollipop OS, instead requiring the KitKat 4.4 platform. However, if the suite proves to be anywhere near as popular as the Apple version has, the company could see millions of more downloads for the latest iteration of these apps.

In addition, Microsoft is also extending support for the email function Outlook to Android devices, using the app Acompli as its model. Fast Company spoke to Javier Soltero, former CEO of Acompli and Outlook's current general manager, on the way his company has changed since being incorporated into Microsoft.

"Microsoft was very captivated by the way Acompli and our team built products, at a pace that fits the mobile app delivery model," Soltero told the source. "That means every 10 days or so there are new updates to the app. And we've continued on that pace through the acquisition phase."

Because mobile devices are playing more of a role in the workplace, so are the skills to use essential office functions. Use Microsoft Office tests to prepare for the greater proliferation of this software, no matter which types of technology your company currently uses. A good test will help you find the person best inclined for your workforce and most ready to do so.

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