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Sign In FAQs

We use the new EmployTest Dashboard. How do I access?

You can sign in here for our newest dashboard (please bookmark).  If you don't have this dashboard yet, contact us and we will show you how it works.  It's easy to transfer your account!

How do I order more credits/tokens?

On your Account Dashboard, click the green "Order Tokens" button on the right side and then select a package.  Or you can visit our Pricing Page directly (Include your Account ID where indicated on the order page). 

Psymetrics/Elite Customers, please visit our Pricing Page to select a package and include your admin email where indicated on the order form.

For our newest Dashboard, click "Buy Credits" in lower left of dashboard.

What is my Account ID and User Name?

Your Account ID is often your organization’s email domain name (or similar).  The default primary User Name is “administrator”.  You can use the "Forgot Password" link if you need to reset your password. The password reset link will be emailed to the test administrator on file.

If you're not the primary test administrator, then you may need to contact that person to access the account.

How do I email a test session to candidates?

After signing into your testing account, just click "Email Test Invitation" at the top of screen and follow the instructions.  The test session will be immediately emailed to your candidate/test taker.

How can I see which tests are available and then also sample one?

You can visit our Test List page to see most commonly used test. Our full test list is here.  To sample a test, just complete the form on the test description page (not in your account) and we'll email you a test session.  If you're not sure what you need, just contact us and we will help.
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