Customer Service Aptitude Tests

Is poor customer service the cause of your lost customers?

Do you want to raise the bar with your next round of customer service reps?  Most companies screen for customer service skills and, if you are not screening in this way, you may be hiring the candidates that the other companies rejected.

One of our Customer Service Aptitude Tests can help.  These tests will measure distinct customer service focused behavioral traits and statistically compare them with others who have taken the test.  We have several different versions of these tests.

To see a sample, just complete the form on the left and enter "Customer Service" into the Hiring Challenge field.

Each of these profile tests are EEOC compliant and fully validated.  Depending on the test, different versions will cover some of the below traits and can be 20-40 minutes in length.

  • Respect of Customer
  • Conscientiousness
  • Service Orientation
  • Maintains Composure
  • Self-Management
  • Flexibility
  • Team Player

(Different versions may have a different mix of topics.  Ask us for help in determining the best fit for your jobs.)

Upon test completion, a score report is instantly emailed to you with the applicant's score (VIEW Score Report Sample).  An in-depth interpretation of the score is also included for each topic, along with follow up interview questions.  The price for this assessment starts around $20 per test for low volumes.  Because it's web-based, the test can be completed at your office or the candidate's home.  To see a sample or learn more, complete the form above and/or call us at 1.800.836.1901.  We will help you make more informed hiring decisions about your job candidates.

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Customer Service Aptitude Test Question (Sample)

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