Do your applicants have the analytical and reasoning skills to be successful?

Research shows that cognitive and reasoning skills are reliable predictors of success in a job and most jobs today require a basic level of this ability to be successful.  Most jobs require the ability to look at different information and "fill in the gaps" to determine an answer that helps with better business decisions.  Is your current selection process measuring this ability? If not, one of our Cognitive Skills Tests can help.

We offer 3 tests in this category (all EEOC-compliant):

Cognitive Skills Test (Identity-COG)

Estimated Administration Time: 12 minutes

Target Jobs: Most entry-level jobs

Description: This test has 40 questions and topics include verbal, logical and mathematical reasoning.


Workplace Reasoning 2 (Short)

Estimated Administration Time: 18 minutes

Target Jobs: Most entry-level to mid-level jobs

Description: This test has 12 questions and topics include verbal, logical and numerical reasoning. An example question is below, where the applicant reviews a table and answers in-depth, multiple-choice questions about the content and data.

SK Reasoning 1

Workplace Reasoning 2 (Full)

Estimated Administration Time: 40 minutes

Target Jobs: Most professional-level jobs

Description: This test covers the same topics as the short form (verbal, logical and numerical reasoning) but has more questions, which provides  you a better understanding of cognitive ability for the professional level roles.

Each of the Workplace Reasoning tests consist of verbal, logical and mathematical reasoning sections. We also have those sections available as an separate, independent test, if your position only requires that topic only (and not the two others).

Score Reports

After the test is completed, a score report is instantly emailed to you only (not the applicant). The price for these tests starts around $20 per test for low volumes and they can be completed online by your applicants, 24 hours a day.

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