Cognitive and Reasoning Tests for Job Applicants

Administration time 12 minutes

Difficulty Level: Basic to Intermediate

Question Type: Multiple Choice

Target jobs:  Admin/office support, accounting, analysts, engineers, managers, including freelancers, contractors or "gig" economy workers.  All entry/mid/high level roles.

What does "Cognitive Ability" really mean?

Research shows that cognitive and reasoning skills are highly reliable predictors of job performance and how suitable someone is for the job. Most jobs today require a basic level of reasoning skills to be successful and these tests will show the level of mental aptitude that your applicants possess. These tests measure the applicants' potential to be trained, to think critically and to understand both simple and complex concepts. 

Applicants who score high on these tests are likely to be quick learners and skilled at following a logical process to come to a conclusion. They are also likely to be good at defining complex problems and then developing a range of possible solutions.

Here are workplace examples where cognitive ability or mental aptitude may be important:

  • Analyzing data and forming conclusions when complete information isn't available.
  • Developing solutions to complex customer problems.
  • Reading large amounts of information and understanding the business-related issues involved.
  • Generating creative ideas or "work-arounds" to common situations.
  • Suggesting for ways to improve company operations.

Read more about the value of cognitive skills tests in Recruiter's Toolbox Essentials.

How we help

Cognitive ability (or mental aptitude) is difficult to measure in an interview setting.  Without using some type of assessment before hiring, you may be 60-90 days into employment with the new hire before you realize that he/she doesn't have what it takes (we reduce that risk).  Worse yet, without testing, you may not spot the "diamond in the rough" candidate who has great cognitive ability but may be lacking job experience, such as entry level positions or recent college grads (if it's a great candidate, you may be more flexible about previous experience, right?).

Avoiding bias

Using pre-employment tests, such as cognitive tests, is one way to avoid bias in the hiring process.  Bias can be conscious or unconscious and recruiters may not be aware that they have them. But using research-based pre-hire tests reduces bias that may come from work or educational experience.  It's actual intelligence being measured, with a "concrete" numerical score that can be compared with other candidates.

Elite Cognitive Profile (Sample Report)

This test takes 12 minutes and has forty questions. Part 1 covers logical reasoning (20 questions), which is the applicants' ability to reason logically and to solve basic/complex mathematical, logical and abstract problems. While research shows that logical reasoning is important for most jobs, this ability is especially critical for jobs requiring problem solving. 

Part 2 covers verbal reasoning (20 questions), which is the ability to understand relationships among written or spoken words, which includes word comprehension and associations. This ability is especially important for jobs requiring quick thinking and jobs requiring that conclusions be drawn from moderate to complex verbal or written communications. An example question is below.

cognitive reasoning test question

Score Reports

After the test is completed, an easy-to-read score report is instantly emailed to you (not the applicant). The reports are designed to be understood by HR staff, business owners or the hiring team.  It's in a simple to understand format, with percentile scoring to compare your applicants with others.

What similar tests do you have?

We also offer tests for Attention to Detail, Basic Employment Skills, Reading Comprehension, Grammar and Spelling, and many more. We offer hundreds of other admin, aptitude or personality tests.

How does the system work?

It's simple. You'll email a test session link to the applicants from our easy-to-use admin dashboard. The applicant clicks on the link to start the test session. The test session can include either a single test or multiple tests, based on your needs.

Tests are taken either in your office or from your applicants' home/office, at any time--day, night or weekends. Our team is available if you or the applicants need help at any time.

How much does it cost?

We have two pricing plans, "per test" and an annual license. If you're testing fewer than 100 people per year, the "per test" pricing is often better for you. "Per test" pricing start around $30 per test for low volumes with FREE account set up. Testing more than 100 applicants? An annual plan may be better.  

Either way, you have access to not only these tests, but many others

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