Our Behavioral Tests and Aptitude Tests can help you make the optimal hiring decision.  Each test or profile question has been developed by industrial psychologist who study the competencies that make an employee successful in a specific role.  Because of a candidate's prior work experience, you may know they have the necessary skills and experience. But will their mindset and thought processes allow them to succeed in the job? Skills assessments only tell part of the story. Aptitudes and behaviors are equally important in determining whether an individual is a good match for the job and organization.


Which Tests Can I Choose From?

How Will I Know Which Tests To Administer?

Our Test Consultants will first learn from you more about the Key Success Factors (KSFs) for each position. The KSFs will point us toward the essential factors that ensure an employee’s success in that position. Armed with that knowledge, specific tests will be chosen from our Identity test series.

Tell Me More About The Questions.

Each test has been developed by a team of industrial psychologists to ensure tests are fully created in compliance with EEOC and federal testing guidelines. Each test measures candidates along a variety of scales, including a built-in candidness scale to helpt to ensure that questions are being answered honestly. Each test will take between 10-25 minutes to complete, ensuring your candidates a streamlined testing process.

How Will The Scores Be Displayed?

The Score Reports are ready immediately at end of test to the test administrator (not the applicant). No faxing or hand-scoring is necessary. Scores are available on screen or will be emailed to your organization’s Test Administrator. The Score Reports will be in-depth, providing scores and detailed descriptions of a candidate’s attitudes and aptitudes, including suggestions for follow-up interview questions. This feature will allow you to probe further into any areas of concern.

To learn more, visit How It Works or call our Test Consultants at 1.866.801.0315. They will explain how EmployTests can help you increase retention, reduce bad hires and help you make smarter hiring decisions today.

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