Basic Skills Tests for Job Applicants

Estimated Test Administration Time: 10 minutes

The need for basic skills is not going away.  In fact, with today's reliance on technology, these basic skills are perhaps being taken for granted. But not every job applicant will have a mastery of the basics, so it's up to you to ensure you're adding people who will contribute, not detract, from your team.

Your organization will always need employees who can quickly read and interpret information, make sound judgements and have basic math skills, along with great attention to detail. This is important to not only productivity but also the overall work morale of the organization. No one likes an "un-productive" co-worker.

Having a college degree does not guarantee that job applicants have these basic skills tests for job applicant interviewsbasic employability skills.  Also, work experience is arguably even more important than a college degree. But it's still not a guarantee that the new hire will be able to read, write and have excellent detail orientation skills.

Common Skills Needed for Employees

Will your new employee be able to do the below?  How will you be sure, before you hire?

  • Read a multi-paragraph report (or instructions) and be able to summarize?
  • Compare two basic sets of data and determine if they are the same or different?
  • Identify (or avoid) basic grammar/spelling errors in emails to customers or employees? (Spellcheck never catches everything...)

Our pre-employment clerical and admin tests, including this Basic Employment Skills Test (BEST), will help measure these critical skills and many more, before you hire new team members.

Basic Employment Skills Test topics  (also available as separate tests)

This test has timed sections and will take an applicant, start to finish, approximately 10 minutes. It's completed online, via a computer or smartphone/mobile device.  You will just email the applicants a test link from your admin dashboard and that link that will provide access to this and other tests (as needed) that are important for the job positions (eg Microsoft Office skills tests, cognitive reasoning tests, behavioral personality profiles and more).

Pricing for clerical and admin tests such as BEST

Our pre-employment test pricing plans are simple.  You can purchase blocks of test credits (one test completed = 1 test credit/token) or you can purchase an annual plan based on your employee count, whichever is better for your budget.  Our goal is to keep it flexible, based on your hiring needs.

What other tests do you have?

We have a wide variety of tests, from computers skills to behavioral (customer service, management) and even industry knowledge, such as accounting knowledge tests.  You have access to all of these tests when you sign up for a package.

Your next steps?

You can try a sample BEST test. Just complete the form on the upper part of this page or visit the Try a Sample Test page.  If you also want to get started with an account right now, our pricing page has the options you need. Let us help you make smarter hiring decisions, today!

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