Attention to Detail Tests

Attention to Detail skills is the ability to look at the small parts of any project, plan or procedure, while taking care to follow every required step and double-check work to make sure nothing has been missed. 

Administration time:
8-15 minutes per test.

Difficulty Level:
Basic to Advanced

Question Type:
Multiple choice (some with images) or Keyboarding, depending on which test selected.

Target jobs:
Admin/office support, accounting, marketing, customer support, data entry, IT support, installers, technicians, including freelancers, contractors.

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What does "Attention to detail" mean?

Attention to detail (or detail orientation) is necessary for hundreds of job positions, according to the US Department of Labor.  These jobs include common tasks, such the ones below:

  • Comparing numbers/email addresses for accuracy.
  • Finding grammatical or spelling errors in reports.
  • Typing a document or email.
  • Entering numbers on a spreadsheet or check request.
  • Placing files in alphabetical or numerical order.
  • Inspecting physical goods for defects.
  • Reviewing medical diagnostic codes.

Why Attention to Detail Matters?

Your need may not be shown in the list above, but attention to detail is a core skill that's needed across all industries and government sectors. It's guaranteed to be frustrating if you see a lack of detail orientation with your employees. These types of basic errors will make your team look bad, not only to your internal staff but also to customers. Every candidate that you interview will claim they have attention to detail, but our tests will show what they can actually do - learn more about the importance of this skill on our blog.

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Avoiding bias

Using pre-employment tests, such the Attention to Detail test, is one way to avoid bias in the hiring process. Bias can be conscious or unconscious and recruiters may not be aware that they have them. But using research-based pre-hire tests reduces bias that may come from work or educational experience. All of our tests follow the guidelines of the EEOC and US Department of Labor's Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection. 

Attention to Detail Test Versions

We offer three different versions of Attention to Detail tests across our two test platforms.  The first two below are on our SkillCheck platform and the third is on our Elite / Psymetrics platform.  Ask us which will be best for your needs.

Attention to Detail (Timed)

This version has 35 multiple choice questions, with topics including checking for accuracy, filing and coding. The score is given in percentage correct format and the test takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Below is a sample question from the Filing section and also the Checking section of the test. This test is a good general overview of attention to detail skills.

Data Entry Test (Alpha-numeric)

This is a different format of measuring attention to detail. The user types in contact information (name, address, email and more) to simulate a client order entry or customer service scenario.  The score is given in keystrokes per hour and the data entry test takes 5 minutes (timed). 

View Sample Data Entry Report

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Elite Attention to Detail Test

This "Elite" test is on our Psymetrics platform (Psymetrics is perfect for roles that don't also require tests for computer / Microsoft Office skills). This test measures "compare and contrast" skills (see below), the ability to precisely follow instructions and the ability to spot errors in lists of numbers.  The score report shows details about percentage correct and percentile ranking.  

It's simple. You'll email a test session link to the applicants from our easy-to-use admin dashboard. The applicant clicks on the link to start the test session. The test session can include either a single test or multiple tests, based on your needs. We offer hundreds of other admin, aptitude or personality tests.Tests are taken either in your office or from your applicants' home/office, at any time--day, night or weekends. Our team is available if you or the applicants need help at any time.

Yes, many of our tests can be customized. A 25 credit purchase ($450) provides one custom test, built to your specs. Let's talk about what you need.If you need a different mix of questions that includes attention to detail and other topics in a single test, we have a Basic Employment Skills Test (BEST). Reading comprehension, basic math, grammar/spelling and attention to detail are all included. We also have separate tests for Math and Reading Comprehension if you need more depth in those topics.

We have two pricing plans, "per test" and an annual license. If you're testing fewer than 100 people per year, the "per test" pricing is often better for you. "Per test" pricing start around $20 per test for low volumes with FREE account set up. Testing more than 100 applicants? An annual plan may be better. Either way, you have access to not only the Attention to detail tests, but many others. Let's talk to see which works best. Call 1.800.836.1901, Ext. 1, or complete the form above and we’ll send a free sample test.

Our test questions were developed by experts in each topic, including Masters/Phd level researchers. Each test follows the guidelines of the EEOC and the US Department of Labor.

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