Hiring managers know exactly which qualities they need for office support, administrative and entry-level hires: Employees who are reliable, hard-working, and work well with others.

Estimated administration time: 13 minutes

But identifying which job applicants have those traits is very hard using just resumes and interviews. Our Workplace Success Profile can help determine their true abilities during the interview process, before hiring them. Just complete the form for a free sample.

To keep you hiring process quickly moving forward, this profile only takes about 13 minutes for applicants (via phone/tablet). It includes the below topics:

  • Dependability
    • Fulfills obligations by completing work with minimal errors
    • Makes effort to be on time at work every day and attends meetings/events
  • Work Ethic
    • Works at a high speed and completes assigned work
    • Displays persistence in the face of obstacles
    • Takes initiative and seeks information to solve problems
  • Rule Following
    • Follows all workplace rules, policies and procedures
    • Demonstrates integrity when no existing rules apply
  • Teamwork
    • Gets along with co-workers by being friendly and likeable
    • Demonstrates respect when interacting with other people

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After the profile is completed, a score report is instantly emailed to the administrator. The score is presented in a percentile format (comparison to past test users). An in-depth interpretation of the score is also included for each topic, along with follow-up interview questions.

The price for this profile starts around $20 per test for low volumes. The test can be taken from virtually any web connected computer or mobile device.

To see a sample or learn more, complete the form or call us at 1.800.836.1901. We will help you make more informed hiring decisions about your admin/support job candidates.

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