Resumes, interviews and referrals can be poor predictors of job performance.

The business world is highly competitive and your hiring decisions will determine the success (or failure) of your company or organization. You need to hire with the confidence that your new team members will be immediately productive. Our assessments will help. For the past decade, we've helped thousands of organizations test skills and competencies of job applicants and employees.  The results have been outstanding for these employers, with thousands of jobs filled with the most qualified applicants.

Your organization may be experiencing some of the problems listed below or perhaps your issues are unique to your industry or profession. Either way, our assessments will help you make a better, more informed hiring decision.

Problems that we help you identify, before you hire:

Lack of Basic Skills

  • Lost customers due to poor written communication skills (it's not LOL).
  • Lost or delayed customer orders due to order entry / data entry errors.
  • Employee has zero attention to detail.

Skill Set Doesn't Match Resume

  • New hires needing immediate basic MS Office training.
  • IT or coworker staff hours spent troubleshooting new employee computer issues.
  • New hire's industry knowledge is far below what we expected.

Lack of Productivity

  • New employees aren't productive for the first 2-3 months after hiring.
  • Lost productivity of staff who are training the new employee.

Low Employee Retention

  • Our new hires often don't stay long.
  • Frustrated co-workers because new hires' skills are sub-par and they have to work more.
  • Top performers leaving because of poor skills of a new manager.
Strategic Issues
  • Upper management's new lack of confidence in the hiring process.
  • Lack of new hires' analytical skills leaves managers with extra work.

There are many parts that make up an excellent hiring decision. Our assessment system is an important piece of that puzzle because it provides you with an independent evaluation of each candidate's skills.  If you want to learn more, look around the site or complete a sample test request form above. Please include the types of tests you are looking for or what your desired tests are.  We look forward to helping you make smarter hiring decisions.

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