Pre-Employment Skills Tests

Our validated, EEOC compliant test platforms administer thousands of tests each month to job applicants. The extensive list of  800+ job tests will help you learn what applicants can do, before you hire them.  If you can't find exactly which tests you need below, just call us to talk about your needs, including test customization options and test volume, and then we'll make recommendations based on those needs and budget.  Our multiple test platforms give you flexibility to get exactly what works best for you.

Which Tests Should I Administer? See the Test List by Job

Behavioral & Aptitude Tests

Microsoft Office Skills Tests

 Clerical Skills Tests

Accounting Skills Tests

 Healthcare Industry Tests

  Industrial Skills Tests

  • Industrial Success Profile (w/Attendance)
  • Shipping/Receiving Test
  • Pick Pack Test
  • Count Stack Test
  • And many more

Legal Industry Skills Tests

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