What qualities should you look for in a new hire?

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Here are some of the top qualities you should look for in a new hire
Here are some of the top qualities you should look for in a new hire

As a hiring manager, you likely sift through credentials from dozens of potential applicants when you're looking to hire someone new. Finding a candidate who has the skills and meets the experience requirements for the position is critical, of course, but do you consider his or her personality as a deal breaker or closer for filling the spot? Hiring someone who encompasses the right qualities and can fit into the company seamlessly can lead your team to success and improve the work environment in your office.

That being said, here are some of the top qualities you should look for in a new hire:

1. Uniqueness
Your next hire should stand out in a sea of candidates, according to Inc. Magazine. Find someone who is willing to break boundaries to impress you, all while exuding a unique personality that fits within the company.

2. Creativity
Anyone can fill out an application and answer general questions in an interview. Look for a resume that displays creativity, whether it's in the candidates' past experience or the resume itself. Bringing a creative edge to your company can liven up a deadbeat workflow and improve the work that's provided.

"Find a candidate who you won't have to worry about micromanaging.

3. Intelligence
Forbes contributor Ken Sundheim said it best: "Intelligence is not the only thing, but it's a strong foundation for success." Find a candidate who you won't have to worry about micromanaging, rather, one who can carry his or her own weight and bring success to the organization.

4. Ambition
An ideal hire will prove to you that improving the company is just as important as improving him or herself. A candidate who has an ambitious personality will thrive in a working environment that's ever changing.

5. Confidence
During the interview process and beyond, keep a close eye on candidates who have confidence. Someone who holds themselves up during the interview, then reaches out with a follow-up call or email shows he or she is confident about the position.

6. Honesty
Beyond a great personality, impressive skill set and abundance of experience, you should look for an honest, authentic candidate. The right person will seamlessly give an in-depth overview of his or her resume with integrity.

7. Enthusiasm
Throughout the interview process, pay attention to your candidates' demeanors. Find someone who leaves and enters the meeting with the same level of enthusiasm. An optimistic personality will not only show up in his or her work, but it will also create an inspiring, upbeat work environment that everyone can benefit from.

The ideal candidate will be enthusiastic from the beginning of the interview until the end.The ideal candidate will be enthusiastic from the beginning of the interview until the end.

8. Accountability
A new hire who can hold him or herself accountable shows true honesty and responsibility. Seek out candidates who have quick responses to questions and don't feel obligated to spread false hope during their interview just to obtain the position.

9. Flexibility
An ideal candidate will be able to adjust to any unpredictable, shifted situation on the job. Marketing expert Eric Holtzclaw told Inc. Magazine that he suggested throwing a scenario at your potential hires during the interview.

"To test for flexibility, I establish a scenario that has a set of rules but introduces a variable that means one of the rules must be broken," he said. "I am interested in uncovering two things: 1) if the candidate will break a rule, and 2) if by breaking that rule they still end up with a favorable result."

10. Passion
Last but not least, you should gravitate towards the candidates who display passion for the company before they've even been hired. If someone you're interested in lacks the excitement to become a part of your organization, he or she will not bring the desired enthusiasm to the role.

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