Microsoft Word Tests

Do you need to verify Microsoft Word skills before you hire job applicants?


If you’re hiring for a position requiring Microsoft Word skills, then our Microsoft Word employment tests are exactly what you need to ensure your job applicants have what it takes. Just fill out the form on the left to receive a free Microsoft Word test sample.

Our highly interactive (not multiple choice) Microsoft Word tests show you exactly what they know or don't know. The job applicant will be asked to perform tasks using the menus, tool bars, and short cut keys and they can answer using whichever method they know best.  We have these tests in the 2013, 2010 and 2007 Microsoft Office versions.

The Word test topics include the following (view all topics):

  • Formatting--Columns, Page Numbers, Margins and more
  • Editing--Copy, Paste, Undo, Spellcheck and more
  • Tables & Graphics--Borders, Insert Pictures and more
  • File Managment--Save, Track Changes, Protection and more
  • Tools & Automation--Help, Zoom and more

Need other tests?  Here's a list of other tests we offer.

Score Report Details (easy to read and emailed instantly after a test is finished):

  • Percent of Correct Answers (80%, 50%, 100%, etc)
  • Skill Level: Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced
  • Correct/Incorrect for each question>
  • Time spent on each question
  • View Sample Test Report

How does it work?  It's simple.  Tests can be taken either in your office or from your applicant's home/office at any time--day, night or weekends. It's all done online via our website from any computer.  Prices start around $20 per test for low volumes with FREE account set up.  Just call 1.800.836.1901, Ext. 1, or complete the form above and we’ll send a free sample test. Your account can be set up now so you start testing today.

Ready to get started right now?  Just visit our Pricing page for package options:

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