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Top Pre-Employment Testing and Remote Hiring Statistics in 2022

The beginning of 2020 sparked an era of colossal change in remote work trends. 

customer service skills test, pre-employment testing, customer service tests

All You Need to Know About Customer Service Tests

The way customers engage and interact with businesses has changed dramatically.

Although it's common sense that positive customer experiences are...

customer service aptitude test, pre-employment testing, customer service tests

The Cost of Poor Customer Service

You may think that most businesses don’t have the same customer challenges that your organization does.  But this couldn't be further from the truth...

attention to detail test, pre-employment testing

5 Ways to Improve Your Employees' Attention to Detail Skills

With so many jobs requiring detail-orientation as a specific employee skill, it's obvious that this is a highly desired character trait. While it...

attention to detail test, pre-employment testing

Attention to Detail Tests: Avoiding Hiring Mistakes with Pre-Employment Tests

As told in Alexander Pope’s poem “To Err is Human”, people have long been aware that they are prone to making mistakes. This is particularly...

pre-employment testing, microsoft office tests

How Will Your Team Benefit from Pre-employment Office Tests?

Companies and public sector agencies can quickly lose money by hiring people who are unable to perform the basic tasks for the job. Carefully...

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