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Finding the ideal fit for your open position

Building the right team is crucial for the success of any business, but this is particularly true for small organizations. Small businesses typically...

microsoft office tests

Pre-employment tests helps new employee productivity

Your organizations is only as strong and agile as the people that come in to work every day. With that in mind, it is crucial that hiring managers do...

microsoft office tests

Rising wages require companies to build strong teams

In past months, many employers have complained about the difficulty of finding skilled workers for their organization. Now, as average wages have...

microsoft office tests

Testing MS Office skills in Job Applicants

Especially in competitive markets, it is critical to ensure than any new hires can quickly contribute to growth. Having to train new hires on basic...

microsoft office tests

What happens when your employee makes a mistake?

Mistakes happen.

That is simply a part of life and part of the business world. But, what happens when your employee makes a mistake? Is it necessary...

microsoft office tests

Government shutdown delays September jobs report

Earlier this week, the U.S. federal government shut down, after the two major political parties were unable to come to an agreement on the budget....

microsoft office tests

Why 'competent' grammar is better than 'good' grammar

No business wants to give the impression that it is unprofessional. Employees must be aware of the image that they portray to the public, to clients...

microsoft office tests

Don't hire for the sake of hiring

An office will be more successful when employees not only get along with one another, but also when they have the right skill set to push the company...

microsoft office tests

Good grammar is good business

When a job applicant is able to express themselves on paper with good grammar, it will not only benefit their individual growth through the business...

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