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High demand continues for talented health care professionals

The health care industry is widely recognized as one of the most recession-proof markets, and now that unemployment has reached pre-recession levels,...

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Health care hiring lags behind other industries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report on employment growth for June, hospital and health care hiring showed modest grains during a time...

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Warning signs for hiring managers

Even now that unemployment rates have reached pre-recession levels, many job seekers are still looking for any advantage of the competition in order...

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Defining hospital support staff roles

Many hospital groups struggle with defining the roles of their support staff in job postings. With the implementation of electronic health records...

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The nursing skills that boost HCAHPS ratings

Now that patient satisfaction scores are tied to federal care reimbursements as a result of the Affordable Care Act, there is added pressure for...

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How the Affordable Care Act has affected healthcare hiring

It was long thought that despite economic turmoil, the demand for quality healthcare should never diminish. Throughout the Great Recession, the...

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Healthcare hiring slows, hitting three-year low

Throughout the recession, the healthcare industry was consistently adding jobs, while other sectors struggled for growth. Now, due to streamlining...

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Healthcare facilities struggle to find qualified workers

With both emergency room and primary care doctor visits on the rise, many healthcare organizations are struggling to find the right talent for their...

Medical Tests

Healthcare industry slow to add jobs

In January of 2014, the Department of Labor reported that the healthcare industry had lost jobs for the first time in a decade. Healthcare had seemed...

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