What form will your hiring practices take in 2019?
What form will your hiring practices take in 2019?

For your company to excel in 2019 and beyond, you'll have to find the best available employees for open positions - and do so quickly and efficiently. Rather than simply forging ahead with the same hiring practices you've used so far, you can take advantage of the fresh start signaled by the New Year to examine methods and strategies and make necessary improvements.

Just as different skills come into vogue among potential new employees, hiring methodologies tend to change with the times. By observing the preferred strategies used by industry leaders, you can create a mixture that works for your company, delivering the right candidates on a reduced time frame. While some of these practices revolve around newly developed technologies, others are purely based on changes in approach and perspective.

The following are a few potential improvements to incorporate into your talent searches as 2019 gets underway:

1. Focus more closely on key skills
While it may be tempting to create elaborate job listings that attempt to find an individual who can fulfill a host of requirements, this isn't a quick or efficient way to pick a new employee. As Business Talent Group CEO Jody Greenstone Miller told Fast Company, this practice of specifying more ideal skills than a single applicant could realistically provide is a common mistake among hiring managers. When your company takes a very targeted and realistic approach to filling a role, creating a job post based around the core competencies, it will be far easier to draw in new hires, rather than scaring them away with unreachable goals.

2. Use company culture as a hiring tool
Online information availability has made customers more choosy about the products they buy - and job candidates are making similar judgments about which companies they apply to join. Business News Daily noted reviews on sites such as Glassdoor have become an important differentiator between potential employers. If your current and past employees are unhappy with their experience, they'll say so, potentially harming your ability to run an efficient hiring process. This year, step up efforts to please the current generation of workers to boost the firm's appeal to applicants.

Art of resumes and the text "The right candidate."What's your 2019 hiring resolution?

3. Search for and address hiring bottlenecks
As FLIK Hospitality Group HR Director Sharon Richner told Fast Company, it's common for hiring processes to slow down due to single points of weakness. This may take the form of a single department leader being slow to review new candidates for positions in his or her section. Richner recommended that companies the talent search, treating hiring as an employee performance metric. Leaders who are quick, efficient and effective at voicing their opinion on applicants should be praised for this effort, to incentivize them to keep the talent search moving along.

4. Shake up the interview process
If your interviews with candidates are very traditional or formulaic, you may be missing opportunities to learn more about these applicants before adding them to your team. Working Resources founder Maynard Brusman told Business News Daily it's important to give interviewees ample time to turn the tables and ask questions of hiring managers. This part of the interview can be instructive in several ways, both allowing the candidate to ensure your organization is a good fit and to let you assess the issues that applicant values most.

No two companies are the same, and each will have its own ideal approach to hiring. Your HR department may benefit from one of the approaches above, a combination of several, or a completely different innovation targeted to your unique needs. No matter the exact path you choose, the beginning of a new year is a great time to assess where your hiring process stands and resolve to improve.

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