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Health IT to drive operating room successes, survey finds

According to a recent survey conducted by the independent polling organization Penn Shoen Berland, a majority of hospital executives expect health...

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PHMs can only exist with improved IT fields

One of the latest pushes to reform patient care is by instituting population health management (PHM) as the newest form of healthcare delivery...

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ADP report shows more jobs added in July

The monthly jobs report from the payroll processing company ADP showed that 163,000 jobs were added last month, according to a company press...

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Why an athlete's attitude should be sought after

While Olympic athletes need to keep their bodies in the utmost physical condition, it is also vital for them to have peak mental and emotional...

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Nurse burnout can lead to inadequate care

As recently mentioned in this blog, ensuring that healthcare workers' stress levels stay at a reasonable level is important. According to researchers...

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Electronic Medical Records can push patients to be proactive, study finds

A recent study found that when patients have access to their medical records online, they are more likely to get recommended screening tests and...

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Why hiring an 'Iron Man' over a 'Mr. October' is more beneficial

While Reggie Jackson is hailed as one of the greatest baseball players of all time, he would not be an ideal employee for any workforce. Even though...

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How to alleviate stress to a manageable level

Individuals in the healthcare field are no stranger to stress on the job. It is an everyday occurrence, one that comes with the demands and pressures...

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Transaction periods are critical for hospitals

Any type of transaction - a merger or acquisition, for example - is going to have a large impact on a hospital, specifically due to potential...

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