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Increasing number of temp jobs aid in economic recovery

The United States experienced the fastest growth in temporary payrolls in nearly a year, according to Reuters. In addition, the country lifted the...

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Electronic medical records push importance of hiring skilled workers

Previously mentioned in this blog is the exponential growth rate of technology and how it can drastically affect the healthcare industry. With...

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Employees more likely to stay when a work-life balance is developed

While the economy is slowly recovering, and the job market is increasingly difficult for many Americans to break into, a recent survey revealed that...

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Survey: Millenials more likely to seek out startups and SMBs

According to a study conducted by software provider PayScale Inc. and research management firm Millennial Branding, younger professionals between the...

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One year delay announced for ICD-10 compliance deadline

Last week it was announced that there will be a one year delay for the ICD-10 medical coding transition, a move that has come with both opposition...

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Teamwork is essential for companies to thrive

When individuals decide to work for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) they can be sure to endure long hours, high stakes and...

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Contract healthcare workers attempting to salvage reputation

Healthcare has been in the spotlight recently, with new laws and reforms taking place and presidential candidates keeping the topic at the center of...

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The right employees can keep themselves motivated

It's fairly well-known that individuals will perform better when they have a clearly established goal set in front of them. However, recent research...

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Dallas hospital staffing in 'crisis mode,' hires interim CEO

Last week, Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, said that its staffing situation has reached "crisis mode," with over 1,300 unfilled positions,...

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