Nip employee churn in the bud with better onboarding
Nip employee churn in the bud with better onboarding

Employee turnover can have a dramatically negative impact on a business. Some of the symptoms include large financial losses, a lack of continuity of services and poor brand images. In many ways, engagement has been viewed as the best remedy to this problem, but it is not always going to be enough. Rather, organizations should be using professional tests to ensure that the people they bring aboard are likely to stay for a long period of time. 

Considering the fact that one exiting manager with a salary of $40,000 was found to cost a company between $20,000 and $30,000 in relevant replacement expenditures by a study in Zane Benefits, and that Gallup believes the workforce is heinously disengaged, the time is now to tweak certain hiring procedures. Let's take a look at what human resources professionals and others can do in the recruitment, hiring and onboarding process to better engage and retain employees. 

Reducing churn
The Forbes Finance Council recently explained some of the ways in which business leaders can take measures to begin reducing employee churn, taking comments from a range of professionals in the field. First up was Elle Kaplan, founder and chief executive officer at LexION Capital, who argued that the hiring process should be anything but brief and surface level should the company hope to enjoy strong employee retention. 

"Especially with lower-ranking positions, it's tempting to just find a body to fill a seat," Kaplan explained. "When you account for the insane costs of employee training and turnover, you'll start to realize that it's well worth the investment for an extensive hiring process. Even though it takes up plenty of my time, I thoroughly vet each potential employee with multiple interviews and tests to avoid high turnover."

The council noted that consistent auditing of procedures is vital to the overall success of the business and that professional development strategies should be in place for employees, kicking off on their first day. Other members of the council argued that employee engagement, recognition and team-building should be priorities right from the start. Incorporating information related to these programs within the hiring process could also help to attract quality applicants. 

Make sure your hires are likely to have long tenures. Make sure your hires are likely to have long tenures.

Watch for warning signs
Before hiring, employees should be given behavioral and administrative tests to see how they will fair in the new working environment. Throughout the first few months to a year of their employment, though, managers need to stay on the ball. For example, Sheep Central argued that staff members who do not communicate with managers, complain regularly, are failing to complete their tasks efficiently and not motivated to develop are likely disengaged. 

In the same way that there need to be measures in place to ensure a new hire is a good fit and experiences a strong onboarding process, there must also be a plan to turn the tides on employees who have become disengaged. By building policies that truly cover all of the bases of an employee's experience from recruitment to retirement, businesses can reduce the risks of employee churn. 

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