Here are a couple reasons why you should test your applicants on their Microsoft Excel skills.

It is unfortunate that candidates boast about skills during interviews only to fail to deliver once hired. One area in which this is particularly common is proficiency in Microsoft Excel. Here are a couple of reasons why testing applicants on their Excel skills can save managers headaches later:

  • Self-rating can be  inaccurate: Many applicants will claim that they're proficient with Excel when asked, regardless of their actual skill level. While some may do this to be deliberately dishonest, most do so in an attempt to get the job, thinking they can learn the skills later. However, getting an under-skilled employee up-to-speed when you'd assumed they were proficient can cost significant time and resources. 
  • Their experience may not be expansive: While applicants may be advanced in certain aspects of the program, this does not mean they will be fully versed on how to accomplish every task. By offering a comprehensive test on their knowledge of Excel, you will be able to gather just how advanced — or not — they truly are. You might even be able to find a candidate who was too humble to describe themselves as an expert, but actually has all of the skills they'll need. 

Are you tired of hiring applicants who turn out not to have the Microsoft Excel skills they initially claimed? Contact EmployTest today to learn more about our Excel Skills Tests, which are completely interactive — no multiple choice — and offered for whatever version of Excel your office has!

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