Building a strong medical team starts with making smart hires.

Today's health care industry is under intense scrutiny to control rising costs and deliver more efficient care. This puts added pressure on medical practices to employ top-performing staff that can accomplish more in less time. 

Finding the perfect hire begins with crafting an accurate job description. The practice's goals and values should be readily apparent in the listing, along with a detailed description of the skills and knowledge needed to excel at the position. Highlight the fields of relevant experience your ideal candidate will hold, and include any additional qualifications your organization would like to see. 

While every practice will have its own interviewing style, it is important to develop a standardized hiring process and offer a similar experience to each candidate. It is often easy to get off track during an interview, as each applicant will bring something different to the table that the interviewers will want to explore. However, asking similar questions for each candidate can help make comparisons easier.

Don't be afraid to involve other members of your practice in the hiring process. After all, it is these professionals that will likely have the most interactions with the new hire. This is especially worthwhile if you plan to do several rounds of interviews. Having a different panel can help offer more insight and lead to easier decision making. 

However, the most important aspect will be the skills that the potential hire will bring to the practice. Resumes can often contain embellishments, and interviews give a decent idea of what working with someone will be like, but not their actual prowess. Practices can be certain that new hires will make an immediate positive impact by using pre employment testing. Targeted skills tests such as a hospital consumer assessment of healthcare providers and systems can help protect resources at a time where every dollar needs to go further. 

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