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Pre employment tests can help the medical community make smarter hiring decisions.
Pre employment tests can help the medical community make smarter hiring decisions. Pre employment tests can help the medical community make smarter hiring decisions.

The medical community struggles with employee retention. According to statistics provided by Deborah Gesensway at Today's Hospitalist, up to 70 percent of physicians change jobs within their first two years of working. As a result, many hospitals and practices are hesitant to hire new physicians, as they tend to work for a short time before beginning a fellowship or accepting another position. 

Another problem when hiring in the medical community is that though poor hiring decisions can hinder workflow, they can also be dangerous for patients. Medical personnel who do not perform their jobs effectively can give poor diagnoses, fail to document cases properly and lower the quality of care an establishment provides.

Making smarter hiring decisions begins with verifying all the information candidates provide. While their applications may say they have decades of experience, Shelly Schwartz at Diagnostic Imaging writes that this does not mean they are being honest. Double check all references, and investigate the background of any organization they have ties to.

For smaller organizations, making hiring a group process can be beneficial. Others may notice discrepancies that you may have overlooked. This involves both a lack of knowledge and drive to stay with your practice. Ask probing questions, such as "where do you see yourself in five years," can also provide you with a better picture of if the applicants intend to stay around.

Integrating pre employment testing into your hiring routine can provide hiring managers with the information they need to make smarter decisions. EmployTest's customized tests can help the medical community distinguish between applicants who not not have necessary skills and drive to perform the job and those who do.

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