To carry strong and sustainable relationships in the office, consider the following tips for improving your social skills.
To carry strong and sustainable relationships in the office, consider the following tips for improving your social skills.

Working in human resources, most of your day-to-day will consist of interacting with co-workers, potential hires and higher-ups in the company. That means your social skills need to be top notch. How you communicate and connect with individuals in the office can have a big impact on how you maintain your current position, but also your general career in the future.

It's important to have strong work ethic and be on your best individual game, but working as a team player is just as important. To carry strong and sustainable relationships in the office, consider the following tips for improving your social skills:

Have confidence in your position
As a hiring manager, you take on a lot of the initial communicative responsibilities when it comes to bringing new talent to the company. If you lack confidence in your position, you may find it difficult to get to know candidates successfully. This can result in hiring the wrong person for the job. There's a reason you were hired in human resources, so be sure this shines through during every interview.

Dive into office conversation frequently
If you're looking for the opportunity to practice your social skills in the office, join an open conversation that's unrelated to work. This gives you a chance to showcase your personality, talk about your opinion and have a meaningful discussion with your co-workers. If there's an instance when the conversation runs dry, The Huffington Post contributor Dr. Nikki Martinez, Psy.D, LCPC, suggested keeping a couple of conversation starters in your back pocket.

"If you are uncomfortable in new social situations, if you worry that you have nothing to contribute to a conversation, or if small talk makes you nervous, simply have a few good conversation starters or stories in your back pocket," she wrote. "This will help you prevent any awkward silences, engage the group, and make you feel more confident in situations like this in the future after you have a few go well, and see that you actually do possess the needed skills."

Learning how to be a conversation starter can ultimately help you make small talk easier while interviewing candidates.

Keep conversation starters handy if the discussion starts to fizzle.Keep conversation starters handy if the discussion starts to fizzle.

Show co-workers that you care
Acts of kindness go far in an office setting. If one of your co-workers does something impressive, show them how much you appreciate it. If you're the first person to the office in the morning, greet your fellow workers with a smile as they enter the building. By showing the people you work with on a daily basis even smallest token of appreciation, they'll be more inclined to work harder, stay positive and be polite and caring in return, according to All Business.

Volunteer to lead a seminar
If you need help evolving your social skills, volunteer to lead - or participate in - the next company seminar or presentation. This gives you a chance to display your knowledge, personality and reach co-workers through a new perspective. Plus, it can make an interview with a single person feel like a cakewalk in comparison.

Take a break from technology
It's easy to get distracted these days - between social media and text messaging, you can virtually talk your day away and not even realize it. If you want to get to know your co-workers better, Martinez suggested unplugging.

"To truly be engaged with the people you are with, and the experiences you are having, from the simple dinner, to a vacation, you need to check out from technology, and check in to the people and the places around you," she wrote. "Connect with the world, not technology, and you will greatly improve your social skills, and your life."

With these tips, you can improve your social skills around the office, thus learning how to better carry yourself in your position.

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