While Reggie Jackson is hailed as one of the greatest baseball players of all time, he would not be an ideal employee for any workforce. Even though Jackson had a successful 21-year career where he earned the nickname of Mr. October for his knack to pull through in difficult situations, his reputation for instigating fights within his own clubhouse would have made him an undesirable co-worker.

In a recent Forbes article, contributor John Greathouse explained why it was more beneficial for businesses to hire a candidate who is a self-effacing superstar, such as Cal Ripken, Jr., over a temperamental superstar like Jackson. Ripken, for example, played for 17 years with the Baltimore Orioles, in a record-breaking 2,362 consecutive games. He consistently turned down offers of higher salaries from other teams.

The self-effacing superstar shares the company's vision and will always strive to achieve your expectations. It will be more beneficial to hire individuals with those qualities as opposed to temperamental ones, as they will constantly demand attention and are more likely to avert team members. When large egos are not in the mixture of candidates, a higher focus can go into hiring individuals who are technically adept and will be able to properly work with various deadlines and complicated programs.

One way for hiring managers and HR representatives to weed through the large mass of hopeful applicants and ensure that applicants have the specific technical abilities required of the job is to use pre-employment assessment tests.

Using computer tests for employment will take some of the pressure off of employers, allowing them to devote the proper amount of time for finding individuals with the right personality traits to fit in well with the company. 

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