Improved technology in the healthcare industry, including electronic health records, telehealth platforms and electronic registries, can all assist in keeping populations healthy.

One of the latest pushes to reform patient care is by instituting population health management (PHM) as the newest form of healthcare delivery models, according to a recent InformationWeek Healthcare article.

Mathematica, a policy research group, defines PHM as aiming to "improve population health by attacking 'the upstream causes of so much of our ill health,' including poor nutrition, physical inactivity and substance abuse."

Specifically, though, more sophisticated IT tools and a willingness by physicians to embrace them will help turn patient population management into a long-term tactic, according to the news source.

Some of the newest tools that can be effectively used to keep populations healthy and reduce the need for expensive interventions are electronic health records, telehealth platforms, electronic registries, data management software and analytics systems, said a recent report from the Institute for Health Technology Transformation.

For example, EHRs and automation tools can be used to identify patients who need special attention or care. But, on the other hand, EHRs don't yet contain data about care that patients have received outside of an organization.

While the IT field in the healthcare industry continues to evolve, it is increasingly vital for prospective workers to be as fully adept as possible in order to properly perform tasks and find success within their organization. HR managers or company leaders should utilize a computer skills assessment test to evaluate applicable technological skills.

Also, changing technologies can add extra stress to employees in the field. As such, pre employment assessments can weed out individuals who might not have a wide enough skill set to find ways in managing and properly working with ever-changing programs. 

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