The idea of a "one-size-fits-all" mindset is not one that sits well with the healthcare community, as doctors and medical professionals feel that personalized medicine is a better approach. While large-scale, randomized clinical trials are necessary for breakthroughs in the field, treatment for one individual might not work for another.

According to a recent InformationWeek Healthcare article, using a patient's genetic makeup, lifestyle, age, gender and environment to provide a unique treatment regimen is the ultimate goal of personalized medicine. To do that, information technology will play a key role.

Chalapathy Neti, director of global healthcare transformation at IBM Research, told the news source that this tactic is being used to help AIDS researchers in Europe "analyze genomic and clinical data to make better decisions about the drug cocktails used to treat HIV patients."

In addition, pre-med college majors are being encouraged to vary their educational courses, to create as wide of a knowledge-base as possible, according to CollegeView. Specifically, extra biochemistry classes are encouraged, along with regular math, science and English requirements.

To ensure that candidates will be able to hit the ground running in their chosen healthcare sectors, managers and HR representatives would be wise to use a computer skills assessment in the hiring process. This will help to weed out individuals who will not be able to thrive in a business with the strong use of technology. 

In a struggling economy, many job applicants will attempt to stand out from the crowd, but few will have the proper combination of hard and soft skills necessary to find success in the healthcare fields and push a company or organization forward. The use of pre-employment testing will ensure that new hires will adhere to the desired standards. 

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