Sure, your staff members are working every day to receive a paycheck, but that's not the only thing that's going to motivate them to do their jobs efficiently. Being satisfied in the workplace revolves around staying engaged - feeling like you're a part of a team that's valued and appreciated by the company.

When your employees lack motivation, they become apathetic, insufficient resources to the business - even with all of their skills and experience. Consider the following tips to ensure your staff members feel valued, appreciated and respected:

1. Encourage open communication
Communication is critical to keeping your employees engaged, according to the American Marketing Association. Providing consistent positive feedback, as well as constructive criticism, can keep staff workers on their toes and motivated to do better. Hold a monthly open meeting to address concerns, or schedule one-on-ones to meet with employees individually to keep them inspired.

Remember that each staff member has a unique style of communication and will reach out to you differently - so make note of this. One worker may prefer to hash things out via email, while the next may find it difficult to talk in any form other than face-to-face. Understand this to communicate properly and effectively with each individual.

2. Recognize hard work
Positive feedback certainly goes a long way, but make sure it's not only reaching employees through word of mouth. Consider incentives that go beyond current benefits provided by the company - perhaps an annual monetary bonus, extra day of paid vacation or something as simple as a gift card. By giving your staff workers an extra incentive, they'll be driven to stay focused and make moves to work as diligently as possible.

Recognize hard work through positive praise and incentives.Recognize hard work through positive praise and incentives.

3. Be respectful to earn respect
Your employees can feel bogged down - and disrespected - by the idea of being micromanaged, especially if they're perfectly capable of handling the tasks at hand on their own. Avoid this by treating each and every staff member with respect and dignity. Inc. Magazine suggested building strong relationships by getting to know them on a more personal level, whether that's on a quick coffee break or after hours for drinks with the team. Making the effort shows that you respect them and care enough about their work ethic and contribution.

4. Acknowledge and support new ideas
If there's an instance when a small problem arises in the workflow and a staff member comes to you with a potential solution, hear him or her out. This is a true sign that they care about the business, according to Forbes. Giving staff members a chance to make the solution work can motivate them to work harder and stay engaged in their day-to-day.

5. Set a prime example
If you want your employees to stay motivated and work efficiently, you need to set a prime example yourself. As the Young Entrepreneur Council wrote in Forbes: "If my employees don't perceive me as a worthy leader, how can I expect them to believe in our mission and help achieve it?" Take pride in your leadership role and display it proudly for your staff members to see.

Additionally, consider this: Will your employees be willing and motivated to take on a task that they couldn't picture you completing? If you're not engaged, how can you expect them to be engaged? Be realistic and set expectations that are attainable. This will help your staff members feel confident about reaching said goals and expectations.

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