Here are a few reasons to give recent graduates a chance during the interview process, and potentially offer them the job.
Here are a few reasons to give recent graduates a chance during the interview process, and potentially offer them the job.

Recent college graduates are constantly bogged down by their chance to fill a position when experience is required to make it to the first interview - even when the job is entry-level. What's unfortunate is how many employers throw away applications for this reason alone - individuals fresh out of college have the potential, skills and education to fill a position just as well as the next experienced candidate.

Here are a few reasons to give recent graduates a chance during the interview process, and potentially offer them the job:

1. They're more experienced than you think
Just because these individuals don't have years of experience working for a company just yet, doesn't necessarily mean they're inexperienced. Universities around the country offer plenty of extracurricular options for students to get involved and get a jumpstart on their career. If your candidate was heavily involved as a college student, talk to him or her about on-campus experience. It'll likely translate the same way job experience does.

Additionally, college students who pursued internships have another leg-up when it comes to experience. These graduates have been placed in the working world of their chosen field and have an adequate understanding of the day-to-day tasks at hand. Plus, they likely worked for free during their internship, which is respectable in itself.

College students get experience from extracurricular activities and internships.College students get experience from extracurricular activities and internships.

2. They're comfortable with technology
With nearly 92 percent of all 18- to 29-year-olds in the country owning and using a smartphone, according to the Pew Research Center, it's safe to say that recent graduates have a grasp on technology. Additionally, digital devices have made their way into the classroom in recent years, with more professors expecting students to use an online database with their tablets and laptops to take notes and turn in coursework. This can make the recent grad more valuable in comparison to the experienced candidate if you're looking for someone with impressive tech skills and knowledge.

3. They're ambitious
Do you remember the satisfaction of finally completing your coursework and receiving your college degree? As Carmen Bryan wrote in "Tomorrow's Talent Today: Five Reasons to Hire Recent Graduates," graduating is a liberating experience. It's a feeling that sticks with students after graduation and keeps them motivated to find a job in their field and keep accomplishing their goals. The recent graduate has success running through his or her veins and wants to keep it going.

4. They have a fresh perspective
Recent graduates aren't afraid to ask questions during the interview process and beyond. They may be interested in the way business is conducted and why certain methods are followed over others. This sparked interest shows that they are interested in bringing new ideas to the table and help develop strong solutions and efficiencies in the role. This can add an entirely new dynamic and perspective to the business model, ultimately shaping up the organization.

5. They're adaptable
While offering a fresh perspective is certainly encouraged, your organization may be set in its ways and unwilling to make changes to the business model. You're in luck because recent graduates are also willing to adapt to your practices. Additionally, those applicants who have had experience elsewhere may quickly mold back into their old ways at their last position. Recent graduates, however, have less professional experience to compare to, so they can easily adapt to your company's ways and they're eager to learn the processes. This gives your company an opportunity to teach the recent graduate his or her first initial lesson in the working world and shape their work ethic and habits.

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