Technological and interpersonal skills are both essential in 2019.
Technological and interpersonal skills are both essential in 2019.

Every year brings new areas of hiring focus for employers across industries. The best practices of operating a business change based on past experience, market conditions and the introduction of new technology tools. Organizations that fail to keep up with these changes in focus may find themselves falling behind more responsive companies. New employees must be ready to handle the latest requirements facing them, whether that takes the form of an essential piece of technical know-how or a modern approach to communication and customer service.

The following are a few of the concepts drawing interest from companies as 2019 begins. These are the abilities that will help businesses distinguish their offerings from competitors and adapt smoothly to the latest operational changes being felt across industries.

1. Engineering in the cloud

There is a clear divide between legacy computing models and the distributed, cloud-focused present. According to LinkedIn, 2019 will see organizations committing more effort than ever to cloud-based networks. Businesses eager to make the cloud a more central part of their IT plans will likely be looking for engineers who understand common architectures such as Amazon Web Services and can help their organizations design and implement tech tools that make sense for them.

2. Data literacy across all departments

Information is the lifeblood of modern companies, a valuable asset that organizations must know how to exploit to remain competitive. According to Forbes contributor Laurence Bradford, this increased importance has raised a problem for businesses: Many employers don't possess the data literacy they need. Cloudera's Amy O'Connor told Bradford there is a need for analytics and automation management in roles that cross departmental lines. Hiring managers will need to seek out data experts for sections outside of IT to properly integrate data into workflows.

3. Management and leadership

While expertise with new kinds of technology is a valuable skill to master, organizations' relative success may depend on more classic and foundational concepts, such as effective management. According to HR Dive, when Emsi analysts studied job postings from top corporations, they discovered management is the most popular competency, followed by communications, leadership and operations. This demonstrates an ongoing theme of effective hiring: No matter how good a team's "hard" technological skills are, the individuals leading that group set the tone with their "soft" skills.

A team of employees works together.Soft skills including teamwork remain essential.

4. Collaboration

Can employees work together effectively? This question grows more complicated, and essential, when leaders consider global collaboration and rising organizational complexity. LinkedIn explained the communication and teamwork needed to complete these in-depth projects will remain an area of demand in 2019 and beyond. This is another type of expertise that is relevant to every department of a company, and workers shouldn't just be comfortable working within operational silos - they should be prepared to collaborate across departmental lines.

5. Customer service

No matter how technologically developed companies become, they will always have to please their customers. Organizations are interested in bringing in team members who can curate great experiences for their audiences, according to HR Dive. This type of soft skill has evergreen value for businesses of all types, and in the socially connected present, service abilities are relevant in more departments than ever before. Dedicated customer care professionals must be great at service tasks, and increasingly, so must other employees who will be called on to communicate on behalf of brands.

Hire effectively in 2019

Both soft and hard skills will receive serious hiring attention in 2019 and beyond. These two kinds of aptitude are becoming increasingly linked, with great communicators doing their talking through high-tech connected systems and IT experts taking on leadership roles in their departments and beyond. The five skills above are just the beginning when it comes to staffing a great team today.

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