How to Interpret Score Reports

New customers often ask, “What is a good score for these tests?”  The answer is not a simple one, as a good score will depend on many factors, including:

  • Test administered
  • Job description
  • Benchmarking of any current staff
  • Review of available norming data

Our team can make general suggestions about what might be an acceptable range, but we are not typically providing a full job analysis, with related scores norming, for your employee population (although we can provide these services at additional cost).

General Score Terms

Time: Clock time, based on your business time zone, when test was started.

Time Taken:  Minutes the user was in this test, including pre-test instructions.  If test is timed, “time taken” will be higher than time limit because of pre-test instructions/tutorial.

Percentile Score:  The percentage of users that the test taker scored higher than. For example, a percentile score of 55 means that the test taker scored higher than 55% of the people who have taken that test.

Percentage Correct:  The number of correctly answered questions divided by the total number of questions. This is conceptually similar to other percentage correct scores, such as in the educational environment.

Test specific terms:

Software Skills Tests (MS Excel, Word and others)

Report Score (dial graph at top): Displays percentage correct

This account’s scores (if displayed):  Average score for all test takers for your account for this test (minimum of 25 scores to appear).

All recorded scores (if displayed):  Average score for all test takers for this test.

Scores by Level:  Many tests have different difficultly levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and this is the percentage correct score for each level.

Score by Topic: Many tests cover multiple topics (editing, formatting, etc) and this is the percentage correct score for each topic.

Questions:  This table shows correct (green check), incorrect (red X) or skipped/did not answer (-) status for each question (dash (-) may indicate that the user ran out of time due to time limit). Beginner/Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level is also listed for each question.


Performance Overview (dial graph at top):  Indicates substantial strength, adequate strength or low strength.  This overview should be used as the primary indicator of candidate suitability. Scores are presented as percentiles, indicating what percentage of population that the test taker scored higher than.

Competency: Descriptions are provided and follow up interview questions may appear at bottom of report.


If you have specific questions about reports, please call our friendly team at 1.800.836.1901.

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