Healthcare Service Profile

Our Healthcare Service Profile is designed for front line medical personnel who are employed in hospital and other medical settings.  If you work at a hospital and are trying to conform to HCAPHS guidelines, then this test will help you achieve that goal.   If you work at a medical office not subjected to HCAPHS, we have other medical aptitude tests that will help you make better hiring decsions.

This pre-employment testing tool is typically used to help determine if an applicant has the behavioral traits that will help him/her demonstrate:

  • Respect
  • Good Interpersonal Communications
  • Patient Centricity
  • Quality Orientation
  • Service Orientation

The Healthcare Service Profile measures the traits that are also measured in the HCAPHS survey.  If your medical facility is subject to HCAHPS guidelines, then you will want new employees to have the personality traits that necessary for a high quality patient experience.

This profile will take about 30 minutes for each applicant to complete.  It can easily be taken from home or in your office.  Profile scores are available immediately after the applicant completes the test.  The pricing begins around $20 per test for low volumes. 

To try this test, simply click here and enter "HSP" into the Hiring Challenge box on the left side, along with your other contact information.

Sample Healthcare Service Profile Question