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Top 3 Employment Tests We Should Give Our Presidential Candidates

Posted by EmployTest - on Thu, Oct 11, 2012 @ 05:10 AM

In some ways this entire campaign season is one giant test.  But it's way too long.  What if, instead of these debates and endless stump speeches, we boil it all down to three pre-employment tests that we administer to President Obama and Governor Romney the day before the election.  Winner (or higher scorer) take all.

Here's the plan.  Both candidates report to the Capitol on Monday, November 5, at 10 am, where they will both be administered, under equal testing conditions, the exact same tests.   The location will be in the Rotunda of the Capitol where the busts of past Presidents and historial figures will cast a watchful eye on them.

Which tests would be administered to the candidates?  There are many options but we must limit it to three assessments to preserve their valuable time.  

1.  Management Skills Profile:  As the Commander in Chief, the President oversees a vast bureaucracy of federal employees and members of the armed services.  A Management Skills Profile, which measures such traits as interpersonal effectiveness (working with Congress?) and the ability to manage the complexity employment testsof business, will tell us if he has the ability to lead our great nation (or continue leading it).

2.  Financial Knowledge Test:  As our economy recovers from the dire straits of recent times, we need a leader with a solid core of financial and accounting knowledge.  This test will tell us if he has a full grasp of the core finanical principles needed to put the country on the right path.

3.  Industrial Skills Tests:  This is the sneak-attack test that they would not be expecting. Both candidates are millionaires but are likely out of touch with the experiences of many of the "working families" that they so often talk about.  So let's give them a Forklift Driving test or a Warehouse "Pick/Pack" test.  If either of them scores well (which is highly unlikely), it will boost their credibility among middle class workers. 

There are other tests that could apply as well:  Cognitive Skills, Customer Service Profile, Self Management and more.   One test that would never be needed is the "Turnover Risk/Retention" test.  It's hard to get any elected official out of office and these guys are no different.

Luckily EmployTest will graciously offer to administer these tests to the candidates at no charge.  We'll see you in the Rotunda in three weeks!

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Pre-Employment Tests: What About the Myers-Briggs?

Posted by EmployTest - on Wed, Mar 16, 2011 @ 11:57 AM

We talk with our clients, before they become clients, in depth about the requirements of their company as well as their job descriptions. Part of those discussions usually includes how they should test for specific behaviors that they want to include in the job posting.  For example, a customer service position might require a "helping disposition".  We need to know such requirements before we can recommend which employment tests might be the best fit. 

Often the topic of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) comes up, as in....

"We already use Myers-Briggs as part of training.  Can we just administer that test to our job applicants?"

And the answer is....probably not.  At the surface level, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator can be time intensive to administer to applicants.  So you may be forced to either lengthen the time (and cost) dedicated to the assessment part of your hiring process, or you might have to altogether skip testing other important skills or knowledge areas.

Although it can be easy to interpret the MBTI results of a single user, it can be challenging to rank a group of candidates.   The MBTI results do not translate well to the aggregate level.  In effect, it does not create a "type"  that can aptly describe a group of individuals, such as a work team within a company.

Most important, however, is the fact that it may be challenging to link the MBTI results to a job-specific activity.  The more closely a selection tool can measure job-related activity, the higher the validity of that tool.   And that's what we strive for:  To administer highly valid tests that measure specific knowledge, skills or aptitude for each job description, whether that's an Excel knowledge test, a customer service aptitude test, or an attention to detail test.

We invite you to try a sample test or view a list of tests to see if our screening tools can help you find your next superstar.

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