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The Jedi Profile, by EmployTest

Posted by EmployTest on Thu, Dec 24, 2015 @ 01:38 PM

You think you have what it takes to be a Jedi?   Take our profile to see.  After an exhaustive search throughout the galaxy, plus a few websites, we identified some of the traits necessary to be a successful Jedi. Then using our custom test creator, we devised an assessment that measures of those character traits among us citizens of Planet Earth. Here's what our Jedi Profile covers:

Can Do Attitude: Can-Do Attitude measures the degree to which the individual consistently approaches work duties and projects with a positive attitude. Is always optimistic. Seldom worries and always exhibits a positive demeanor.  (Note: The Jedis are always insanely optimistic)

Energy: Energy measures the degree to which an individual is likely to demonstrate energy, passion and vitality throughout the workday. This characteristic is important for most fast paced jobs and jobs involving multi-tasking.  (Note: Multitasking duels with multiple opponents)

Reasoning Skills: Reasoning measures the degree to which this individual has the ability to learn quickly, solve problems, and understand basic mathematical concepts of space (Note: Jedis must use The Force, backed up by their cognitive skills, to save the galaxy)

Self-Confidence: Self Confidence measures the degree to which the individual is likely to be self assured, is not overly affected by what others think of him/her, and is confident in his/her decisions and actions. This characteristic is important for jobs that require independent thought and a self-starter attitude. (Note: See Yoda's light saber duels)

Please note that we also have topics for attributes such as Safety Orientation and Non-Violent Attitudes.  However, the Star Wars storyline has proven that those characteristics are rarely seen in successful Jedis so we have not included them here.

If you want to try this assessment, just email Sales@EmployTest.com and mention Jedi Profile  We'll send the profile and then also send your report after to show how well you performed.

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