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Microsoft Office (and Windows OS) Test Versions

Posted by EmployTest on Mon, Jan 4, 2016 @ 05:19 PM

A recent visitor to our website commented that our computer test list looked a bit dated.  Mild offense aside, I suppose that remark came from just seeing Office 2010 (and Office 2013) tests being highlighted, as well as Windows 7 (and not Windows 8 or Windows 10).

We don't have the inside scoop on sales figures from Microsoft, but the 2010 version of Office is still by far the most commonly requested version.  The fact is that companies do not upgrade to latest Office versions as quickly as they used to.  Yes, school systems and universities will upgrade more quickly but many companies, governments and non-profits, based on our conversations with clients, find that their Office 2010 versions are working just fine and there's no need to upgrade.  We even have a sizable number of customers who still use the Office 2007 tests, which indicates their unwillingness to part with the Office 2007 suite (soon be 10 years old (if it ain't broke, don't upgrade it).

We have the tests for Windows 7 and also Windows 8.  An online article from last year says that Windows 7 is still the most commonly used operating system, even six years after its release (and 3 years after the release of its successor (Windows 8)). No tests yet for Windows 10 but they will arrive this year.  We have the Office 2013 tests, plus their more commonly used 2010 brethren. 

Office 2016 tests will surely be released this year but we won't see adoption of them for several years. No organization will ever update as quickly as Team Microsoft would prefer, but rest assured that our test list will always reflect the current technology skills that are needed by your job applicants. 

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