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ICD 10 Tests Available Now

Posted by EmployTest on Fri, Mar 4, 2016 @ 03:40 PM

The last time you went to the doctor's office, you likely received a receipt full of codes outlining the details of your visit.  To us novices, those codes look like hodge-podge of letters and numbers that equate to some type of secret spy code. 

But to the medical community, the codes communicate to the insurance company exactly what was being diagnosed.  It's called the ICD:  The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems.  Developed and maintained by the World Health Organization, this classification system forms the backbone of the medical records for all individuals in twenty seven countries around the world, including the USA. Periodically this system is revised and, in October 2015, the newest system, ICD 10, was activated.

In preparation for this new standard, we have released our ICD 10 tests for pre-employment (job applicants) or training purposes (for current staff).  There is a version that covers overall concepts and then a separate version with specific questions that requires a manual.  Most, if not all, medical facilities that see patients will need to have a team of individuals who are familiar ICD 10,  especially because it's a new system that not all job applicants may not be familiar with. Our ICD tests will determine the depth of their knowledge.  To complement the new ICD tests, we also have a battery of Data Entry tests which measure an applicant's keyboarding accuracy and speed. If your organization is affected by this new system, talk with us so you can view how these tests work.

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