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Expanded line of Microsoft Office 2013 Tests Available

Posted by EmployTest - on Wed, May 6, 2015 @ 04:39 PM

These are the interactive ones, not easy-to-guess multiple choice tests!

Last summer we were the first company to offer any Office 2013 tests when we released our simulation based tests for these Office 2013 programs:
  • Excel
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Access
  • Outlook

At the time, those were our "Intermediate" level tests for each program (formerly known as our "Standard" tests in prior versions, such as 2010, 2007).  Most job positions require an Intermediate level of knowledge, even though there may be a wide range of skills that define "intermediate". 

As of today, we also have our beginner level tests and advanced level tests for each of the Office 2013 programs.  These tests continue with our tradition of offering fully interactive tests for all versions of the Microsoft Office suite (again, these are not multiple choice tests!).

The Beginner level tests will typically be targeted at more entry level roles, such as basic admin support, receptionists or similar type positions.  However, they may be applicable to sales roles or any roles whose primary focus is not computer related tasks.

The Advanced level tests can be used for a different mix of positions. It could be for a senior executive assistant in a support role. The Advanced Excel tests are often used for analyst roles, including financial analyst and accountants. 

There are pros/cons to each of those levels and that is why the comprehensive Intermediate version is most often used, by far.  If a user scores poorly on the Advanced test, you cannot be sure if he/she has zero knowledge of the program or is simply not too advanced (with intermediate skills only).

Which version should you be using--Office 2010 or Office 2013?  We're at a transition point where there is roughly equal mix of people using both versions but the most accurate answer is that you should administer the same version that your company/organization is using internally.  If you would like to see a sample of any of these tests, just complete the form on this page or any page on our site.


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