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How Much Is This Testing Really Going to Cost.....

Posted by EmployTest - on Tue, Dec 13, 2011 @ 04:46 PM

When people call us, that's the burning question in the back of their mind. Most of them are polite enough not to ask it as their very first question, but it's rare that a conversation doesn't include it. 

The pricing plan for most organizations is pretty simple. You buy test units to test your employees or job applicants. It's a per test unit pricing model.  You don't sign a contract and there are no monthly charges or set up fees.  dollar

Each test that is completed uses one test unit.  By "completed", it means that a score report was generated. If someone stops halfway through an Excel test, then that does not use a test unit (until they complete it).  If someone never starts your Microsoft Office test, no units used.  If an applicant freaks out and leaves your computer skills test sitting there on the computer, nothing used.  Only when the test is actually completed does a unit get used.

The pricing is based on the number of tests given.  It's a price per test (not per applicant).

For example, 

3 tests per applicant   x   10 applicants = 30 test units needed.

Here's how it typically works.  Clients buy test units.  Then use them all.  Then reorder again as needed.  Most companies will purchase what they need for 3-6 months, expecting to reorder again at that point.  Of course, they really don't want to be in a position that they need to reorder, because reordering means that they now have open positions again. 

Is it expensive?  Usually not, as compared to other costs of the hiring process.  It can even be a net savings when you factor in your (and your coworkers') time spent with unqualified applicants.   The testing cost can grow if you have to test many applicants.  But most people agree it's cheaper to pay that cost than to have hired an unproductive new employee.

To view the pricing levels, please visit our Pricing page.   If you have special pricing questions, just give us a call at 1.800.836.1901.

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