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Microsoft Excel Test: How Would You Score, my HR Friend?

Posted by EmployTest - on Wed, Apr 22, 2009 @ 02:53 PM

Microsoft Excel, the most collectively frustrating software program in the world.  Millions are challenged by it daily.  Not to say that there aren't more difficult programs to learn.  Because there certainly are.  But Microsoft Excel is the program, across the globe, that confounds the greatest majority.  And because it's so critical to office staff, it's the one program about which applicants will most often misrepresent their skills.

Why is that?  Maybe because job applicants think they can get away with such deception.  They often can because the Hiring Manager often does not have the proper Excel skills on their own to distinguish Excel mastery from overstated skills.  And they shouldn't have necessarily have those skills, unless it's part of their job.  Not when there are Microsoft Excel tests that help determine precisely what the applicant knows.

Searching for Excel tests is the number one reason (by far) people find our website and sign up for our employment testing program.   Just shows how hard it is to determine those skills by simply asking questions.  You are not alone, my friend.  Others that are hiring are in the same boat as you.  It's virtually impossible for an interviewer to determine, just by verbally questioning them, what an applicant knows about Excel.  It can't consistently be done.

Which leads us to the question:  How would you, as the Human Resource Professional/Vice President/Business Owner, score on an Excel test?

The answer is....it doesn't really matter.  Your job may or may not require those skills.  So you may not need to know it at all.  And you will be smart enough to use a Microsoft Excel test that will independently assess each applicant's skills, without you having to "dance" with the applicant to figure out what they know.

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