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Applicants: Silver Spoons vs. Scrappers

Posted by EmployTest on Wed, Dec 9, 2015 @ 04:55 PM

In Regina Hartley's recent TEDTalk, she discusses the merits of hiring "Silver Spoons", who are applicants who have been given every oppportunity for success (good schools, solid home lives, etc) vs.hiring "Scrappers," whose personal life and upbringing (including education and job history) may have made them a less desirable candidate on paper. 

While this is a fun and easy comparison within the confines of a 15 minute TEDTalk, the details are rarely so simple.  Hartely wants to pit the priviledged vs. the unpriviledged in a sort of class warfare type of discussion (the class "haves" vs. "have nots"), as if such generalizations will be beneficial when, as a hiring manager, you're searching for the uniqueness and special qualities of each candidate.

The truth is that a relying on a resume and an interview is a not so effective way to make a hiring decision.  As a scrapper, you may (and likely would) be biased toward other perceived scrappers.  And certainly as a "silver spoon", the general perception is that you would be biased against non-silver spoons.

Instead of playing guessing games and taking chances, a proven method to determine competencies and job fit would be performing pre-employment tests and utilizing job previews.  Those are the most effective ways to predict who will perform successfully on the job, as well as who will actually understand the job and continue in the role.  Guessig and labels can do more harm than good.


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