Emotional Intelligence Profile for Applicants


Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand and manage our own emotions, plus successfully navigate the emotions of others. High levels of emotional intelligence are desirable for any positions that require teamwork or working with customers.

Applicants may have the required industry knowledge and the skills you need, but may have challenges relating to others.  Our Emotional Intelligence Profile will help you know, before you hire them.

Administration time:
10 minutes (estimated)

Difficulty Level:

Question Type:
Multiple Choice

Target jobs:
Entry level->mid-level

Predicting Emotional Intelligence in Job Applicants

EQ Profile Topics & Reports


  • Self Awareness: the degree to which an individual is self-confident and fees secure of self and how they can use this trait to remain calm and cool under pressure.
  • Social Awareness: how the individual is caring, empathetic, service-oriented and vigilant of others' needs.
  • Self-Management: how well the individual properly manages one's self, including the degree to which they are likely to be hard-working, reliable, organized and forward planning.
  • Relationship Management: how likely is an individual is to effectively manage personal relationships, including teamwork, collaboration and working with co-workers and customers.

How we help

Our EQ Profile provides a measure of emotional intelligence in your job applicants.  Each score report comes with a detailed analysis, along with Management Strategies for that applicant and follow up interview questions which are selected based on their performance on the topics in the profile.  Use the form below to get a free test sample to see how it works.

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Avoiding bias

Using pre-employment tests is one way to avoid bias in the hiring process. Bias can be conscious or unconscious and recruiters may not be aware that they have them. But using research-based, validated pre-hire tests reduces bias that may come from work or educational experience. 

It's simple. You'll email a test session link to the applicants from our easy-to-use admin dashboard. The test session can include either a single test or multiple tests, based on your needs. Tests are taken either in your office or from your applicants' home/office, at any time--day, night or weekends. Our team is available if you (or the applicant) needs any help at all.

The applicant receives an emailed test invitation. They click on a link in that email to start the test on their computer. The test will begin in their web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari). They do not need to download or install anything. After the test is completed, the screen closes and our system emails the score report to the test administrator. The applicant does not see the score.

While many of our tests/profiles are customizable, the EQ Profile is not. However, the subtopics in the profile can be combined with other subtopics to create a custom designed test that matches your job description.

We have two pricing plans, "per test" and an annual license. If you're testing fewer than 100 people per year, the "per test" pricing is often better for you. If you're testing more than 100 applicants? An annual plan may be better. Either way, you have access to not only the EQ Profile, but also our entire list of 100+ tests, and your test credits are valid for a year from purchase.

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