Are you concerned about the turnover in your Customer Service unit?

Filling your call center and customer service positions is easier said than done. Reps can burn out quickly if they don’t have the necessary skills and attitudes to be successful.

Who uses these tests?

Business owners, managers or human resource professionals with employees in critical positions in customer relations use our Call Center Tests. Whether it’s a true call center or just the staff that answers your phones, customer service skills are often difficult to evaluate prior to employment. EmployTest has a complete battery of call center tests to make sure each of your hires is a good match for the job. For a complete list of tests, visit Employment Tests.

What tests can I choose from?

Our Call Center series includes tests for Customer Service Scenarios, Audio Data Entry, Telesales and more.

  • Audio Data Entry
  • Coding
  • Data Analysis
  • Telephone Skills
  • Data Entry – Leads, Orders
  • Postal Codes – General, Audio
  • Spelling – Audio, Geography

Which tests should I administer?

Our Test Consultants will first learn from you more about the Key Success Factors (KSFs) for each type of Customer Service Position. The KSFs will point us toward the essential factors that ensure an employee’s success in that position. Armed with that knowledge, specific tests will be chosen from Call Center series. Benchmarks can be set with current employees as needed. 

How will I get the scores?

Score Reports are available immediately at end of test. No faxing, emailing or hand-scoring is necessary. Scores are available on screen or can be emailed to your organization’s Test Administrator. For Audio Data Entry tests, scores will be presented in a Words Per Minute format. For other multiple choice tests, it is usually listed as a Overall Percentage Correct and often subdivided into a Percentage Correct by Topic.

I need more info.

To learn more, visit our How It Works page or pick up the phone to call us at 1.800.836.1901. They will explain how EmployTests can help you increase retention, reduce bad hires and help you make smarter hiring decisions today.  

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